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Governing Hearts strives to move beyond the current adult care facility formula. Instituting an enriching family environment and community outreach. Utilizing a three-tier approach to achieve our mission.


Tier One- How we service our clients 

     Some of the services we provide are transportation, day activities, meal preparation, appointment setting and much more. A part of our mission is to bring community to those that have been isolated.


Tier Two - Supporting local small businesses

      We utilize local food vendors who come and demonstrate their cuisine. We contract with Fitness consultants and artists who teach weekly classes to stimulate physical and mental activity. Further adding to the Governing Hearts difference.


Tier Three - Community outreach

      There are two ways we achieve our community outreach goal. The first is through our mentor program catered to high school students. The students will receive community service hours and a letter of recommendation when applying to college, which highlight an active role in their larger community. Second, employing the use of volunteers who are recent college graduates, allowing them to gain real world exposure related to their field of study.

The biggest difference between Governing Hearts and the myriad selection of adult care facilities are the founders' connection to the prograam. Inspired by the search for just the right place for the founders' own Uncle David and not finding any place with just the right fit, at the crossroad was the inception of the quest to not only find, but to become the perfect fit. With that Governing Hearts open our own heart to your own Uncle David, Aunt Ruthie, Cousin Ed, Grammy and Grampa.

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